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Starting and young horse education

Whether its's Starting your young horse or restarting an older horse we believe that a strong foundation is everything and it all starts here. Get in touch for pricing and more info.

Float training

Training the young horse to float or dealing with floating issues, we have a float training technique to fill your needs.

Get in touch to find out about our next Floating Clinic or to book your horse in. 

Horsemanship Advancement 

We believe you should never stop growing your knowledge so we offer Horsemanship advancement. Come along bring your horse or we can come to you. Lets grow your relationship with your horse by refining how you ask and what answers you get.

Purchase and Sales Consulting

Looking for that Unicorn or to sell your horse but aren't confident doing it or perhaps your horse needs a little more fine tuning before the sale. 

Contact us today for pricing and more.

Riding Lessons

With a background in Dressage before transferring over to western riding we can cater to all disciplines and levels. Come get the basics on our School Master or we can come and coach you and your equestrian partner.

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